The Wind Up Bird Watches | oil on linen | 30” x 40” | 2021

This new body of work, painted in perpetual quarantine, is a direct result of the daily experience of living during the Covid-19 pandemic. Due to the virus, globally, collectively, there is an acute awareness of the physical and psychological distance between the individual and others. Exacerbating isolation and fear of contraction is the socio-political climate in the United States that divides not only the country but communities and even families.My paintings changed dramatically from gestural abstract landscapes to surreal, abstract places. My intensified spatial experience of my home (simultaneous sanctuary and container) led me to use linear perspective to map architectural space. In addition to people, I have deeply missed seeing paintings in museums. I have spent years memorizing passages of paintings in person. Now I spend time scouring the internet for lectures and close-ups of old master paintings, desperately trying to connect to what can only be communicated through paint. Although my paint handling is altered in this new work, the sensuous properties of paint have not. The resulting images are otherworldly, liminal places outside time. Luminous colored forms and spaces invite the viewer into the dream.