“I paint abstract landscapes, the elements of which come from accumulated, internalized looking. Weather, foliage, topography and the various vantage points from which one can experience them are communicated through nuances in color as well as sensuous, at times visceral, paint handling . The landscapes are conduits for emotion, for daydreams, for the ineffable. I outline parameters for my invented places by laying down a geometric armature. This beginning framework is the arena in which I ritualize my experience of a complex, perpetually changing world. The images must resonate with me like Truth.”

Nicole Maynard-Sahar is an artist-in-residence at the Bakehouse Art Complex in the Wynwood Arts District of Miami. She most recently participated in the official studio tour of Art Basel Miami, Smash and Grab at Locust Projects, La Pinta Art Fair, Between the Legible and the Opaque: Approaches to an Ideal in Place curated by Adler Guerrier (on view through March 31, 2020), and New Work at the Bakehouse Art Complex curated by Justin Long. She has had several solo exhibitions at the Bowery Gallery in New York City, Villanova University, and Johnson and Johnson’s World Headquarters. Her work is recognized by curators nationally and internationally, most notably by Marilyn Symmes, Curator of Prints and Drawings at Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum; David Kiehl, Curator of Prints at the Whitney Museum of American Art; Susan Cross, Assistant Curator of the Guggenheim Museum and by Judith Hecker, Department of Prints and Illustrated Books, Museum of Modern Art. She earned awards at the University of Pennsylvania for painting and color theory. Originally from Boston, Maynard-Sahar relocated to Miami in June 2017.
Locust Projects Smash and Grab
Accordion collage book, installation shot photo: Mateo Serna Zapata
Untitled (After Delacroix), oil on Arches paper for oils, photo: Mateo Serna Zapata

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