Artist Statement

I’m a painter working in the media of oil, collage, artist’s books, printmaking, drawing, and digital drawings. My work often begins with the laying out of some sort of opened box, a distorted cube. The geometric underpinning connects with moving boxes: packed, unpacked, and broken down, as well as to the tilted parallelograms of aerial views of landscape. Boxes can be mysterious when you don’t know what’s in them. New places can be exciting and strange. For me, the broken box evokes beginnings and endings layered with emotional sensory memories. It is a Platonic form, a “mindform” where time expands and contracts. This seemingly dispassionate, broken cube is a framework for visceral marks that are authentic, true, and raw. Nuances of color, density of pigment, texture and marks are the very substances from which I form images. The images must resonate with me like Truth.